Zoning & Inspection Official

Recently the vestibule got painted and I moved the book shelves out of the cafe. At some point while the painting van or the hauling truck were parked outside in the loading zone, someone called Steamy’s into the Building Official. And you know how we feel about snitches?

So this young woman walks right in and patiently waits for me to acknowledge her. When I do she introduces herself as the Building Official and informs me that’s there’s a snitch in our midst (in her own words). I come clean about the painter, the shelves, and the tiger painting that recently got appropriately placed above the pull up bar.

Then I started digging to see if she would reveal the name of the rat. She didn’t. She said her assistant took a message from anonymous. Oh well.

The whole time she is impressed with the shop. It was her first time there. I don’t remember which customer was there at that moment, but when I started asking questions about the rat the customer gave her a beautiful lady compliment right on time. That’s when I struck with the bacon, egg, and cheese? She politely declined, but said she would be back.