Water Heater Conversation

Sometimes the cards fall right and you get a group of people with similar interests together. Today there were 3 who had some sort of stake in a property that was about to get renovated. All 3 of them were or were about to experience the PEX piping first hand.

From the conversation I learned:

  •  a water expansion tank costs ~ $50
  • a standard home tankless 240V water heater costs ~ $450
    • it does 3 gal/min of hot water
      • and if a shower is 1 part hot (?130°) and 1 part cold  (?60°), that water tank can power enough showers for an 8 shower bath house
  • some contractor out there wanted to sell Rick new copper plumbing for an ungodly amount of money
  • SharkBite
  • In other parts of the world they have smaller tankless water heaters on each sink or shower.