Glass Case

The glass case has evolved again. We’re now featuring grab and go foods for your busy days. The sort of things you can take anywhere: class, trail, office, snowboarding, baseball, gymnastics, etc. Prunes and Apricots to keep you regular. Fresh Local Jerky from Crabill’s for protein. And trail mix for fun 😉 Bananas, Apples, Oranges … who knows what else will end up in there.

And Most importantly, I’ve got those Draft Lattes La Colombe makes. It actually releases the carbonation when you crack the can. And it’s 3 item ingredient list will make you a believe.

And Even More Important Than the Draft Latte, I’ve partnered with a local soap creator. It’s called ‘Clean’ Soap. Only essential ingredients; No Junk!

So swing through and buy some food and/or soap. Make an investment in your health. You won’t regret it.