Baby Logan

I’m going to be real with you internet. This is 1 of those posts that’s going to warm your heart and you may shed a tear.


Joy (Logan’s Aunt) reaches out to me and asks for 2 dozen bagels. She’s not from the area, but I assume she’s heard about the bagels. So we  come to an agreement and it’s time to make bagels.

Friday morning I crawl out of bed and I’m thinking baby Logan. It’s early, but I’ve all ready decided that I’m going to do the best job I can because:

  1. 2 dozen bagels are going to the NICU with my name on it.
  2. This is a crucial moment for this family and the NICU team must have nerves of steel and they really deserve the best.

So I get to the cafe before 6am and start twisting bagels. I’m focused! And I am determined to make the best bagels I’ve ever made.

baby logan - 4
Joy’s words. E’s handwriting.

baby logan - 6

Everything went to plan. I had em bagged and ready to go on time. I haven’t heard from a receiving party, but it’s early. I also can’t wait to meet Joy. I’m sure I’ll be working when she introduces herself and then I’ll drop what I’m doing and thank her for the opportunity.

Thank You Joy

baby logan - 2 baby logan - 1

baby logan - 7
Got rid of all the prepackaged Phillies. Only 2 oz sides from here on out!

You too could send the gift of bagels. Contact me for more info.