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Fez and Nikki

It was a weekend and approaching the end of the shift. In walks Nikki and Fez.

Now here’s a life lesson straight out of the book of Lenny – Always acknowledge the elephant in the room. The sooner the better.

Obviously Fez is a big guy. That shirt must be an XL or so. I’m not exactly sure what context I used it, but I definitely said “balls deep” when I saw it. I probably said something slick like, “I’m balls deep in bacon right now. Give me a break.” As he approached us I could read the small print “in recovery.”

So they order bagels and I proceed to ask them questions. They weren’t from Winchester, but Fez knew Winchester was a good place to get sober, or a good place to get strung out. He couldn’t of been more accurate. Then he said something about making up for a reckless past and he was basically preaching to the choir at that point. That’s me to the T.

At this point we’re carrying on. I’m not exactly sure how the conversation went, but we were having a good time. By now the bagel making took a delay because I was having fun with this lovely couple.

But the real surprise came when I asked Nikki “what do u do?”

She quickly replied “corporate HR.” By now I had to of been at least half way making bagels because when I heard that I did a double take. See, HR takes a special person. Not just anyone can do it.

So I explain to her what I stated in the previous paragraph, and Fez goes, “yeah, she’s a weird chick.” That’s when I my questions came to a halt and I accepted the fact that I will never quite understand those 2. Which is probably the same conclusion they had about me.

Onions and Vitamin C

Here’s a little uncommon fact that came up the other day; Onions have more Vitamin C than Oranges. That’s why onions went on the  boats instead of oranges back when the scurvy epidemic was happening.

Now you know.

Characters of Winchester

One of the ingredients to any coffee shop is a local newspaper subscription. When the newspaper prints an article of 1 of my friends I tear it out and tape it to a poster. This poster covers a large section of wall and keeps growing.

I encourage you, Winchester, to tag yourself.