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Parking Ticket

This dude had me rolling when he first got this ticket. It came into the shop like an good story begins.

The ticket pictured isn’t for parking, it’s for an expired inspection. And as you can clearly see in the picture, he did try to cover up his/her expired inspection with leaves. 

Water Heater Conversation

Sometimes the cards fall right and you get a group of people with similar interests together. Today there were 3 who had some sort of stake in a property that was about to get renovated. All 3 of them were or were about to experience the PEX piping first hand.

From the conversation I learned:

  •  a water expansion tank costs ~ $50
  • a standard home tankless 240V water heater costs ~ $450
    • it does 3 gal/min of hot water
      • and if a shower is 1 part hot (?130°) and 1 part cold  (?60°), that water tank can power enough showers for an 8 shower bath house
  • some contractor out there wanted to sell Rick new copper plumbing for an ungodly amount of money
  • SharkBite
  • In other parts of the world they have smaller tankless water heaters on each sink or shower.

Dr P’s Lox Bagel

Dr Pate came into the shop extremely well dressed this morning. He had a full suit, hat, and two toned loafers on. He was hands down the sharpest dressed individual I saw all day.

Anyway, he ordered this bagel and attested that it was the official Jewish delicacy.

Cream Cheese, Red Onion, Tomato, Capers, Lox on an Everything Bagel