A Beautiful Lunch

Today was a full on party during the usual 8-10am hours and then everyone left. I got so much work done with no one around. A few people stopped by, got some coffee, and kept me entertained for a little, but for the most part, I was on my own.

Around noon Howie came in. He’s my buddy. I was totally content prepping bacon and chatting with Howie. Then about 10 minutes till 1pm (closing time), an obvious out of towner rolled in asking me if I made sandwiches. At first he seemed weary because I only had bagels so I gave him the bread truck speal.

  • Most places would sell you something off the back of a bread truck. Not me. No sir. I made these babies myself *as I direct his attention to Sally (the dough mixer) with a Vannah White arm/wrist motion.*

So he orders a turkey bagel and I learn that his name is Bill and he used to be a banker in Chicago. Then Howie invites him to sit at the community table. At the same time I’m making myself the most amazing bagel EVER.

Shortly after I get Bill’s turkey bagel in front of him another woman walks in. It’s like 5 minutes till 1pm now. She also seemed a little weary but I sell her a ham, bacon, cheddar, tomato, and avocado bagel and everything is right in the world.

She acknowledges my closing time in conversation, and I inform her that her order will be the last order I take for the day. Then right before her bagel is ready I ask if she wants me to wrap it to go or if she would like to eat here? She answers that she would prefer to eat here. So I serve her a bagel, introduce her to Howie and Bill, and she grabs a seat at the community table.

About the same time I get her situated I lock to the door and go back to prepping my bagel, aka – the grand finale. So now I’ve got three adults who don’t know each other sitting around a table eating bagels. I proceed to leave the counter and also sit at the table with them. At this point they’re all sort of blown away that they are eating with 2 other strangers and the chef.

I was like 2 bites into my bagel when my buddies arrive so I let them in and make 1 more round of drinks and bagels. Now there’s 5 adults (because Bill had to leave) sitting around a table casually conversing. It was a beautiful lunch.