Baby Logan

I’m going to be real with you internet. This is 1 of those posts that’s going to warm your heart and you may shed a tear.


Joy (Logan’s Aunt) reaches out to me and asks for 2 dozen bagels. She’s not from the area, but I assume she’s heard about the bagels. So we  come to an agreement and it’s time to make bagels.

Friday morning I crawl out of bed and I’m thinking baby Logan. It’s early, but I’ve all ready decided that I’m going to do the best job I can because:

  1. 2 dozen bagels are going to the NICU with my name on it.
  2. This is a crucial moment for this family and the NICU team must have nerves of steel and they really deserve the best.

So I get to the cafe before 6am and start twisting bagels. I’m focused! And I am determined to make the best bagels I’ve ever made.

baby logan - 4
Joy’s words. E’s handwriting.

baby logan - 6

Everything went to plan. I had em bagged and ready to go on time. I haven’t heard from a receiving party, but it’s early. I also can’t wait to meet Joy. I’m sure I’ll be working when she introduces herself and then I’ll drop what I’m doing and thank her for the opportunity.

Thank You Joy

baby logan - 2 baby logan - 1

baby logan - 7
Got rid of all the prepackaged Phillies. Only 2 oz sides from here on out!

You too could send the gift of bagels. Contact me for more info.

Two Star Review (out of 5)

The people have spoken, and the majority of folks like me, as I like them. But there’s always those outliers. Believe it or not, some people don’t like me. And I’m fine with that. But before you pass judgement, take a long hard look at yourself.

I don’t intentionally try to piss people off or come across as a jerk. I want you to like me. It’s part of the gig. But I expect to be treated fairly. I’m sure you’ve heard, “do unto others as you wish done to yourself.”

My biggest pet peeve is people who come in and immediately use the equipment as their own personal lounge. It’s like nothing is sacred. You would be amazed at how many people come in and lean on the glass case. For starters, it’s an antique glass case; and while it has had repairs, it’s still 40+ years old. AND IT’S GLASS! So I’ve actually put a sign on top of it that says “Don’t Lean on the Glass.” And I still have to remind people to not lean on the glass.

My biggest worry is that someone leans to hard and the whole thing shatters. Briefly, imagine huge shards of glass scattered around what used to be a beautiful glass case. Now imagine a person leaning on the case as the glass gives way and that person falling into the glass. All because someone couldn’t stand up right. They walked into the cafe on their own, but standing upright on their own for a few more minutes wasn’t an option.

And secondly, I don’t need you to smudge the glass. In fact, I would prefer that you didn’t put your fingerprints on the glass case. It’s supposed to be clean. I physically clean it so you can see the goodies inside of it. So if you do touch or lean on the glass, don’t be surprised if I call you out on it. And under no circumstances, should you attempt to make a joke out of smudging my case. I know 2 wrongs don’t make a right, but let’s put it like this – You smudge my case, I smudge your Life.

The other No No is the prep table. As a customer, you can use any seat or dining table in the cafe. The single table you may not use is the prep table because that’s where food is prepared. Sometimes I put hot pans on it and you will burn yourself if you touch them or the table. It’s not even my rule. It’s the Health Department’s rule and i’m obligated to follow it. And yet, people go right for it. That’s the reason why Dickie’s or Subway have those walls with the plexi glass that extends towards the ceiling. It’s so you don’t touch the prep area.

So, one of the more common inappropriate uses of the prep table is by older women carrying big hand bags. They don’t even break stride. They walk up to the prep table and fling that big hand bag right on the table. I don’t know what’s in those things, but I’m sure it’s heavy and a burden to lug around all the time.

And I know where it’s been. It’s been on every counter, seat, floor board, shopping cart, parking lot, and general ground you roam. Do you want to eat off the floor of a department store dressing room?

It’s been so bad that I posted Rule #3 – Don’t Use the Prep Table. So if you are an older woman carrying an oversized handbag, don’t get upset when I ask you to remove your bag from the prep table. It’s not a big deal. There is a counter, table, 4 stools, and 4 chairs behind the prep table. Any of those places are acceptable for large hand bags.

I’m just saying, before you consider me rude or even unkind, take a long hard look at yourself and your actions.

Alabama to Connecticut 

I was just talking to this mother son team who stopped in for breakfast. They loved their Bacon Egg & Cheese Bagels.

So I was prying into his story trying to catch a story. Turns out he’s traveled for work for the past decade and each year he’s reduced his tangibles that he moves from place to place. We boiled it down to the basics and agreed that you could easily get away with a yoga mat and a cork yoga block as a bed and a pillow. I could do it, but he stated the obvious – it’s not socially acceptable.

Then we concluded that he would never get married if he didn’t own formal bedroom furniture. 

The Business Board

This thing is actually a lot of fun. We have this game where the not so cool people try and to sneak their cards and I take them down. Look close – these are the cool people.

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 8.49.02 PM

Then there are the cards that didn’t make the cut.

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 8.51.59 PM

And they all got a story. Like that AcquiFlow – it involves a gun toting Texan and a “grower” who looked like he might have a drug habit. I don’t claim to know what is factually true, but I participated in the show.

Modigliani in Steamy’s Café Bathroom

Here’s a poem from a loyal Steamy’s patron. It’s an example of the magic that happens at Steamy’s.

How elongated the plunge of your neck, how flushed

your cheeks. Women sit in
envy, their backs to your almond eyes. Men confront your masklike face

with a warm outpouring of praise aimed at your twisted contours. They say Amedeo may have given away
your original for a bagel

and a latte.
Your narrow nose, your pursed lips

move many to stay for as long as it takes. Pale splash of rose and purple flesh
match the décor of lavender soap,
slightly damp floor.

I am relieved—
fears of public accidents wiped away

knowing when my poem is written, my Mocha Monkey Smoothie
downed —If I have to, I can go again — and more fluid than Picasso’s

cubes, more open than Mona Lisa’s smile,

you’ll be there.

Margaret Stetler ©2015

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 7.38.22 PM
The poem is framed next to the art

Writing workshops coming soon 🙂